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Terrible shipping

I received my fenders in a destroyed box had parts of the fenders poking through the box corners of the fenders were damaged I even sent pictures in but still have not had any response from ultralisk 4x4


I enjoy this product. Installation was pretty simple. Also enjoy the look. Adds such an attitude and aggressive vibe.

Decent product so far - Customer Service is Ghost Town

Shipping of product resulted in 1 of the 2 boxes (front/back combo) barely holding itself together. I was not present at time of delivery so I was not able to check contents while carrier was there. Carefully opened boxes and examined product-pieces inside. Undamaged box expectedly had undamaged contents. Damaged box had several areas where powder-coating was scraped-off with bare metal exposed. I photo-documented the damage as I unpacked. I have not yet assembled/installed the rear bumper (undamaged0. I did reach-out to customer service to inquire about getting some touch-up paint, or at least a recommendation on a suggested product I could purchase to dress these areas before exposure to the elements. This was approximately a month ago and I still have not received any response from CS. I was able to check some truck groups online and find a recommended product for touch-up. I was able to pick some up, which matches very well with textured finish, and have since installed the front bumper. Installation was pretty straight-forward, but at some point I'll need to remove the bumper and make some adjustments for bumper to line-up properly with body-lines. Will try to remember to edit or create a new review including rear bumper.
***Attempted to include photos in review, but service will not allow upload of photos***

Was not to bad to install,great product,really looks great.

Very nice.
Back bumper was an easy install .. haven't installed front yet.. soon very soon

Nice bumper but lacking in some areas

It’s a solid bumper, thick gauge and easy to install on your own. Downside, my trailer connection doesn’t fit the cut out (2015), can’t seem to find light covers since it doesn’t come with them. The holes for the plates are also not set to standard size in Texas.

Good product but was damaged by delivery person

I am happy with the product but the person that delivered it must have dropped it several times. It was very bulky and would be hard for one person to handle. We spent about 2 hours working on it to get the damage as good as possible. Either this needs to be delivered by two people or possibly shipped into boxes. If one person and one box, then you will need to do a much better job on packing it with protection.

Exactly as advertised

Love the bumpers. Easy to assemble and install. Wish they came with wiring kit for lights but still a great product and price.

Solid bumper, nice fit. Came chipped and dented

Great product, fits nicely. Instructions were worthless. Came chipped and dented

The bumper was damaged when it arrived. Other than that the service was great.

Full-Width Front Bumper w/LED Spotlights For 2009-2014 Ford F-150 (Excluding Raptor) - Ultralisk4x4
Christian Farquhar
Good but already starting to rust

Giving a lil update I’ve had the bumper for a few months and it’s I love it, but it’s already started to get rust spots.. spent $500 on it and already rusting..

If you could help me out with something shoot me an email @[****]

Nice steps

Wife and kids needed steps and these were the perfect fit.

Great bumpers

I was a little hesitant to buy because of such a great price. I am very pleased by the quality. Highly recommend

Required some modification

While the bumper is solid, well made, and looks good. It bolts on as far as far as getting it mounted to the truck is concerned.

There are two ways to get the stock bumper off. lift the bed, or dismantle/destroy the stock bumper. If you're trying to sell the truck, and can get the bed bolts out, that's the way to go. I had two bed bolts that didn't want to come out so I had to destroy the stock bumper. so no selling that, but it is what it is.

As for the modifications. at least for my 2016, It didn't take the stock license plate lights, so I got aftermarket and mounted them in the stock location. It didn't have a large enough hole for the stock spare tire access lock. so I had to modify the bumper to fit that. and finally, the relocation bracket for the trailer wiring wouldn't work, because the stock wiring wasn't long enough to relocate the plug. so I Mounted that in the stock location.

Awesome bumper

Great bumper ,looks good and easy to assemble and install. Very satisfy. Would recommend them to anyone.

winch sizing is small - no instructions included

This bumper comes in three pieces with a lot of extra hardware that was either the wrong size, or just had no use for my install.

I'm fairly mechanically inclined so I was able to get it assembled relatively easily once I determined which hardware was used for what.

This bumper does not fit all 12000 lbs. winches. Even with the control box relocated I could not fit a Badlands Apex 12000 which without modification of the bumper. Additionally, I had to clearance one of the winch mount hole because it was slightly misaligned between the two plates that make up the winch mount. Not the greatest design when a single thicker piece would have done the job better. I didn't have time, nor desire to pay 3x the price of this bumper for a different brand, I modified the bumper to fit. The winch handle clears the grill by 1/8". This is a VERY low profile bumper and looks great on the rig.

Additionally, the pod lights are not wired together in any way, nor do they have any type of plug on them. So if you're not comfortable doing wiring, this might not be the best option.

At this price point I wasn't expecting I wasn't expecting anything spectacular. but apart from the winch clearance issues, it met or exceeded my expectations. Once I made clearance for the winch everything was solid, well aligned and looks great on the truck.

Thank you for your kind review and sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.
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A Real Bumper

Finally a real bumper. Happy to get rid of the plastic one that came with the truck. Both front and rear bumper went together with no problem. Mounting them to the truck went quicker than I thought. Very sturdy looks great very happy with the purchase.

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CJ-7 Rear Bumper

Great look. Bolted right up. Order to delivery time outstanding!

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Need better packing

Upon delivery ends of packing boxes had multiple holes. One box had parts coming out so was concerned if all parts were still in the box. When both bumpers were unboxed found dings and scrapes which I’m sure occurred during shipping. I suggest packing the box ends so this does not happen to other customers. I will get black paint and do touchups.
Other than the above, the bumpers look great on the jeep and the price was great as well.

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Cool Red Jeep

I loved it

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Great Buy!

The doors were easy to assemble and install. Not too heavy. Easy to swap with regular doors. When putting together, be sure not to tighten the hinge bolts until you put the doors on the Jeep so you can make sure they’re closing properly. Makes my JKU feel like a whole new vehicle.

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Not bad

I ordered it hoping that it would actually line up the the front fender line and have an angle coming down to match the headlight. Over all it’s a decent bumper for the price though. Took me about 3 hours in total putting it on myself, including putting it together before hand. Ended up ordering a pigtail for my fog light connectors and wiring in the led pods together. I think the bumper itself will hold up quite well. The front grill guard will not however, but it does look good on the bumper.

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Looks great

Very well made, sturdy. Looks great. Installation instructions could be a little more specific. Expect at least a couple hours for installation. Very pleased with purchase

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Needs More Padding

Easy build, well made, solid support. However, it could use more padding to protect the top. I have towels to protect the top from the metal cart for the time being, but will add foam for the long term.

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