How Much Does Bumper Replacement Cost?

Your bumpers are the necessary parts of your vehicle. But they get easily damaged, too. How Much Does Bumper Replacement Cost?
Bumper replacement cost will differ based on your location and factors such as:

  • The maker, model, and year of your vehicle.
  • Either your bumper is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or an aftermarket bumper because there is a huge difference between the quality.

Cost Helper quotes that a new bumper for a passenger car will cost between $100 and $1,000. Installing and painting your new bumper will cost between $200 and $600. However, bumpers for luxury vehicles, pickup trucks, and SUVs will cost you more.

How Much Does Bumper Replacement Cost? Ultralisk4x4

Factors Affecting the Price of Bumpers

The cost of replacing a bumper, either a metal bumper or a plastic bumper, is influenced by several factors. Let's understand these factors so you can easily calculate the expenses beforehand. These factors are as follows:

1. Bumper Material and Vehicle Mode

The kind of bumper material, such as an SUV, OEM bumper cover, or plastic bumper, will influence the replacement method and cost. For instance, plastic bumpers are cheaper to replace than fiberglass or metal bumpers.

2. Insurance and Warranty Considerations

If your vehicle has insurance or a warranty, they will cover most of the replacement cost. Contact the insurance company and review warranty details to calculate the cost.

3. Geographic Location

In urban areas, the survival cost is higher, whereas it is low in rural areas. Thus, the cost to replace the bumper will be higher in urban areas due to higher labor rates, and it will be more economical in rural areas.

4. Labor and Expertise Required

Labor costs and the expertise required for replacement are some of the significant factors that affect the cost of replacing the bumper. Shops with highly trained professionals will charge more since they invest in training their employees and pay them more than a local shop.

Wrap Up

Bumper replacement cost varies due to the material and vehicle mode, insurance and warranty considerations, geographic location, and labor and expertise required. Get your bumper replaced in time to maintain your vehicle’s aesthetic appeal and safety. Ultralisk 4x4 has some dollar-value bumpers that may be right for your vehicle!
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