Pickup Truck Modification Guide

Pickup Truck Modification Guide

When you get a new vehicle, not all of its features will be suitable for you. Everyone's car environment is different and their needs for the vehicle will be different. Reasonable modifications will bring the safety of the vehicle up a notch.


  1. Soundproofing

Even the best pickup trucks tend to make a lot of noise, which is caused by the body structure and has nothing to do with price. An excessively noisy environment will make people prematurely fatigued and distracted. When a new car arrives, it is best to give the vehicle an overall sound insulation and noise reduction. Not only will it bring a quiet driving environment, but it will also significantly improve the insulation and thermal insulation of the vehicle.

The cost is high but it is worth it. After all, it is to enjoy the quiet. It is much better than spending money on the exterior.

 Ultralisk Pickup Truck Adaptation Guide

  1. Tonneau cover

Pickup truck is actually a truck, the exposed tailgate will always come in handy to pull some goods or something. But, open parking, the tailgate goods how to do? Can not be left alone! Or, suddenly encounter heavy rain? We can not let the goods exposed to all kinds of extreme weather! A tailgate cover is still very necessary.

As for the cover, it is best to use this can be folded or retractable. This way, if you need to pull a higher cargo can also be put down.

 Pickup Truck Adaptation Guide(Tonneau cover) -Ultralisk4X4

  1. Elevation

As the progenitor of off-road vehicles, the original function of pickup trucks is to be able to transport on bad roads. Then, it needs to have a good passing performance. Elevation is the easiest way to improve the passability of the pickup truck, choose the mature elevation kit, the whole modification process is very simple. As for how high is appropriate, it depends on the environment of your car. Generally, the height of two inches is the most suitable. Both can take into account off-road conditions, but also will not unduly affect the road performance.


  1. Heavy-duty off-hook

Traction is also a major operation of the pickup truck, such as towing RVs, rescue other stranded vehicles, etc.. This aspect will require you to upgrade the towing system, never trust the original tow hook. Especially vehicles that often run wild, rescue a trapped vehicle that pull is very huge. Price does not necessarily choose the most expensive, but sturdy is good. A strong tow hook can save you a lot of trouble, at least not afraid of it breaking off and bouncing back to injure the vehicle.

 Pickup Truck Adaptation Guide(Heavy-duty off-hook) -Ultralisk

  1. Side Step

Whether your pickup truck is raised or not, it needs a high strength footrest. One; pickup truck itself chassis is high, small people get in and out of the car is really inconvenient, two; pickup truck wheelbase is long, the passing angle is very small. On some unpaved roads, it is easy to hurt the lower part of the body. Footrest can protect the body from additional impact.

Heavy-duty off-hook(Side Steps) - Ultralisk

Side Steps should be selected after installation and the body has a certain clearance, do not have to use the kind of tightly attached to the body. That way, when the vehicle is subjected to a strong impact, the pedal bends and deforms or will hurt the body. In addition, although the electric pedal is cool, but the stability is not good, once the failure can not be retracted, will affect the passability of the vehicle.

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